- Hail Crop Insurance

How to Use This Crop Hail Insurance Web Site has set-up the Quote page to provide you with a simple way to enter your agriculture land descriptions and obtain quotes from all companies in an easy to understand fashion.

Please follow the steps below to familiarize yourself with the hail insurance "quote" process:

Be sure to Login to save quote and land locations for future use.

On the Get a Quote page:

  1. Use your mouse or tab key to move from left to right and select drop down boxes where available.
  2. Enter your number of acres, crop, and land description from left to right. This can only be done with reference to the quarter or half section as your rate may change with each land description (township and range) entered, along with crop and deductible chosen.
  3. As all boxes are filled on a single line to the left of the deductible box…the form will bring up the deductibles.
    Note: not all companies support all deductibles so select full (full coverage) to start with.
  4. The Company (Rate) box shows all the companies and the corresponding rates each company has for the crop and land description given. The rate is given as a percentage. This percentage is often referred to as the percent premium paid on insurance.

    i.e. Rate of 4.5% means for $10,000 of coverage will cost...4.5%*$10,000= $450

    N/A indicates that the company shown does not support your land location, deducible, or crop.
  5. The $/acre column represents the amount of insurance you want to insure each acre of land for. Enter an amount.

    Each company has different max and min. amounts allowed per acre therefore the program will default if outside the boundaries.

Totals are calculated line by line and summed on the bottom…

Users wishing to see the premium charged if purchasing all land entered with one company may click on the calculator button.


This site has been set up to provide you with an easy and friendly way in which to enter your land and obtain quotes. On the quote page you will see the following screen.

How to obtain hail insurance quotes form example
This page starts with three empty lines of data. The most efficient way to complete this form is starting at the left and proceeding right. Enter the number of acres for the first field. Next click on the down arrow (drop down box) in the crop cell of the table. Choose the crop to insure. Click the drop down box for QTR and choose the quarter. In following boxes enter your section in the Sec box, Township in the Twp box and your Range in the Rng box. Then click on the drop down for the Meridian box and select your meridian. Click the deductible drop down and choose the deductible you desire. If you have questions on deductibles please refer to our Rates and Deductibles page. Once you have completed this, the information you have entered will grey out for a second or two. At this time the computer is pulling up the rate for your crop, land and deductible options. Once it has completed this, you will notice the company drop down box prompts you to select a company, click the drop down box and make a selection. You will notice the companies listed and behind them will be a number inside a bracket or a N/A. The number inside the bracket indicates the percentage premium for the company, crop, and land location you have chosen. A N/A indicates that that company does not support your land location, deductible, or crop. Choose a company and then enter a dollar value in the $/ac column indicating the amount of insurance you wish to place on your land on a per acre basis. Once you have completed this, click on the following line and the computer will calculate the liability per acre and the premium.
Continue entering your land information in the next lines as you did for the first line.

Once you complete line three, if you have additional land to enter simply click on the add line button at the bottom of the table and another line will be added. If you decide not to insure a parcel of land that you have already entered just enter the line number in the Delete Row cell and click the Delete button. If at any time you wish to change information you have entered on previous lines, simply use the mouse to click the cell you want to change information and change it. The computer will make the necessary changes to reflect your updated information

Once you have completed all your information click on the Continue Purchase button located just below the right side of the table. Once you click this button the next page will provide a purchase summary indicating all of the land and selections you made on the previous page. Check this summary for accuracy. If there is a problem hit the back button and make changes, otherwise scroll down and answer the following questions.

After reading the endorsement, you will see a question asking if all crops are insured. This question is to determine that you have not tried to insure a portion of a quarter of wheat. For example if you have a quarter section of wheat, you must insure the full quarter. You cannot insure only 40 acres of it, or the policy will not be accepted. The next question is My crop interest? There is a drop down box with Owner, Tenant, and Other, simply choose owner of the land or a tenant. If there is some other arrangement choose Other and fill in the details in the box provided. Below that, the question of whether hail has fallen on the crop must be answered. Use the drop down box and choose yes or no. If hail has fallen we will be unable to accept your application. Please call and we may be able to assist you. The next question asks for other insurance in force or applied for. This question is asked to determine the amount of insurance applied for through other companies. Enter the information, and move to the next box. Put the land location you reside on if you are on a farm. The final box indicates who the payment is to be made to in case of a claim. If to the applicant leave as is, if other please indicate the appropriate name and address. Once this has been completed click the Continue Purchase button.

Checks must be received in our office within 7 days of purchasing insurance.

This will take you to the payment page. Enter all of the information requested. As you move down the page you will come to a line with payment options. If you choose check you will not need to enter the credit card information. If you choose credit card, enter the information and click Continue Purchase. Once you have done this you will receive a confirmation email indicating the details of your transaction.

When you scroll across the quote button, a popup says if you wish to save quote please register or login if previously registered.

When you scroll across register, a popup says Register to save land locations and quote.

When you scroll across login, a popup says please call if password is forgotten.